Summer might here but don’t forget to plan for next winter

OK, we know what it’s like. You’re sat there, in the garden you work so hard to maintain, sipping cool drinks in the warm summer sun (that’s only just arrived), so the last thing you want to think about is your heating oil tank and getting ready for next winter. But at the risk of dragging you down, there are one or two tips we thought we ought to share so when the cold weather eventually returns, you’ll be snug as a bug in a rug!

Clear the area around your heating oil tank.

Leaves, weeds and other debris all accumulate around your tank during autumn, winter and spring which hold moisture and can make the walkways around it hazardously slippery. Take a minute to clear them up and your delivery driver will thank you for it!

Check your oil tank for damage.

Check the pipes for rust or cracks, and that all fittings are tight. Look over the tank itself for any areas of weakness, especially if it is an old metal style. If in doubt call out a Rix engineer who can advise you on any repairs needed or if it is past its best. And remember, if you do need to replace your old tank it is much easier done in summer when your oil requirement is at a minimum.

Check your oil tanks security.

Heating oil theft may not be a concern at the moment, but as soon as the cold weather comes theft of heating oil increases as thieves look for opportunities.  Get your heating oil tank ready to deter would-be thieves. Replace old locks if necessary, ensure your gauge is working correctly and for extra peace of mind install sensor lighting or even CCTV. Also, fitting a remote oil level gauge to monitor your tank is not only a helpful reminder when you need to top up, it will set off an alarm if there is a sudden drop in the level.

Book a service for your oil boiler with an OFTEC registered engineer.

Servicing your oil boiler or oil fired cooker, such as an Aga or Rayburn ensure it runs at peak performance leading to lower energy usage, lower bills, reduced emissions and safeguards your family home by cutting the risk of carbon monoxide. It also helps you avoid those unexpected breakdowns in the middle of winter. At Rix, all of our engineers are OFTEC approved, working to recognized high standards and practices.

Plan your winter fuel budget.

Winter can be expensive so preparing now can make all the difference. Apply online for our monthly budget payment plan quickly and easily so you can be in control of whatever winter throws at you.

Order your heating oil early

Don’t wait until it is really cold to order your heating oil. Heating oil prices are typically lower in the summer months, due to demand being low. So if you have room in your tank, we recommend you top your tank up to benefit from lower heating oil prices. Another factor to consider is that when you leave ordering your oil to winter because demand is higher, not only can prices go up, but the length of time it can take to deliver your oil may also go up.

There you go. It wasn’t so painful, was it? Just a few handy hints to help ensure you’re all prepared for winter. Now go and pour yourself that chilled glass of Chablis. You’ve earned it!