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Explore our range of heating oil services for your farm, whether this is to supply you with new heating oil fuel dispensing tanks or supply of ancillaries such as diesel nozzle, premium delivery hoses, and Adblue pumps. Rix have you covered. 

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Currently, the Rix Heating Services team operate in the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire regions only. If you’re outside of Yorkshire or Lincolnshire, and require heating services for your farm, register your interest below and help us get to you.
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Why choose Rix Heating Services for your farm?

Local engineers

Whether you require a full service from our OFTEC-qualified team of engineers, or simply want some advice, we are here to help.

50+ years' experience

We have worked to improve and maintain the knowledge and experience on a variation of oil heating systems, trust us to keep your farm heating system maintained.

Emergency call-out

We endeavour to attend to boiler breakdowns as soon as possible, we operate an emergency out of hours service on Saturdays throughout the year. Giving you peace of mind.

Customer focused

Being a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on our ability to serve you in the best possible fashion, with your safety and requirements at the forefront.

John Cook

"Our recent update carried out by Rix Heating Services technicians was superb. They treated our home with respect in every way. They were hard-working and meticulous in every aspect of the jobs they did. Very neat and tidy and a  credit to Rix."
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Frequently asked questions

How do I maintain my heating oil system?

You should have your oil heating system and tank serviced annually by an OFTEC heating engineer. You should also perform regular visual inspections of your heating oil tank and ensure general upkeep on the below:

- Remove debris from the external bund.
- Ensure no foliage is covering the tank.
- Close access points when out of use.
- Clean any oil spillages.
- Check on the surrounding area of the heating oil tank for any oil stains.
- Check for bulging, cracks, rust or discolouration.
- Treat and pain steel tanks as required.  

If you have any concerns, please seek further advice from Rix Heating Services, or an OFTEC registered engineer or company.

What do I do if I run out of heating oil?

If you run out of heating oil, contact your local depot as soon as possible.

At all times we will endeavour to get your oil delivered to you quickly and efficiently but please be aware that this could take a little longer when fuel demand is at its highest, such as at Christmas time.

All of our depots stock Emergency 25 litre drums of heating oil, which you can pick up by visiting your local Rix Depot. Simply contact them in advance and they will get it ready for you to collect.

Following the delivery of your heating oil you will need to book an engineer to call to bleed the oil through to the boiler.

How do I prevent heating oil from freezing?

Heating oil itself will not freeze, however, if you have any traces of water in your tank that you are aware of, you may experience issues with your heating system. The water can be pulled through from your tank to your oil line and pass through your filter. If the temperature is low and water has gone through the filter, then this will then freeze which can stop your boiler working as this will starve your boiler of fuel. Therefore if you have any traces of water in your tank it is important to address this as soon as possible to stop disruption to your oil heating system.

Will my heating oil degrade?

Without proper maintenance, bacteria can grow in your heating oil. This forms a sludge that corrodes your oil tank and pipes. An unusual smell is an indicator of bacterial growth.

Regular water removal and oil filtration will help prevent your heating oil going bad. You can also use additives to reduce the risk of bacterial growth.

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