Commercial renewable energy solutions for your business

Become a renewable energy business through cutting-edge commercial renewable energy solutions, provided by our experienced team of qualified experts at Rix Energy Services

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Currently, Rix commercial renewable energy services operate in the Yorkshire region only. If you’re outside of Yorkshire, and you’re interested in business green energy solutions from leading brands, register your interest below and help us get to you.
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Why choose Rix renewable energy solutions for your business?

Reduce carbon footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint by introducing innovative renewable energy solutions designed to maximise your business efficiency, whilst saving the planet.

Dedicated team

Our team of NICEIC approved green energy experts are backed by years of experience, ensuring you receive the best possible solution that fits your every need.

Reduced cost

Minimise the operational cost of your operations, save on your energy bills, and benefit from government incentives with a renewable source of green energy.

Customer focused

During your installation, our team of experts will ensure you know how your new products work, and how to maximise their effectiveness.

Renewable energy solutions that suits your business

Why should your business Invest In Renewable Energy Solutions?

It’s never been more rewarding to introduce sustainable practices when it comes to operating a business. By adopting green energy solutions, you unlock a range of benefits for your business. You can reduce your costs, lower your energy bills, save on maintenance and more.
Low maintenance, high performance solutions
Reduce your operational costs and lower your energy bills 

Stuart Bingham

“The product and the company sold itself. There were no delays with the installation, it was seamless. I now don’t use any gas during the summer months as 90% of my electricity is coming from my roof! I cannot praise Rix Energy Services enough. I am loving everything that they did/do and look forward to the days when the sun is shining knowing that we are doing our bit by reducing our reliance on using fossil fuels in our energy use.”
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