Rix solar panels for your home

As part of our expanding offering, Rix Energy Services provide industry-leading solar panels and energy packages across the Yorkshire region at your home.

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Currently, Rix Energy Services operate in the Yorkshire region only. If you’re outside of Yorkshire, and you’re interested in installing solar panels in your home, register your interest below and help us get to you.
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Why choose solar panels from Rix?

Dedicated experts

Our team of NICEIC-approved green energy experts has offered sustainable energy services for almost 10 years.

Safety conscious

Your safety is important to us. We guarantee that throughout your installation process, your safety is at the forefront.

Dependable service

We value an honest service, therefore we guarantee our promises will be upheld, no matter the ask.

Customer focused

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver excellent service, and quality products to our customer community.

Solar power solutions for homes that suit you

With over 1 million homeowners in the UK choosing solar power for their homes, it is quickly becoming the sustainable energy alternative of choice. It’s crucial to implement the right solution that meets your requirements, whilst adding value to your home's marketability and appeal.
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Here’s what to expect from your home solar panels

When it comes to selecting solar panels for your home, Rix Energy Services stands out as your trusted and reliable choice. General Manager James Foley and the team at Rix Energy Services are committed to delivering industry-leading expertise and an unparalleled commitment to our customers.

Implementing solar power as a renewable energy alternative to your home comes with many benefits:

Increased property value

Max energy efficiency

Contribute to a greener future

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Our home solar panel installation process

Bespoke solution

We work with you to find the perfect solution.

Upgrades and installation

Necessary upgrades and installation by our qualified team.

Testing and demonstration

Ensuring your new solution is safe, and at optimum performance.

Stuart Bingham

“The product and the company sold itself. There were no delays with the installation, it was seamless. I now don’t use any gas during the summer months as 90% of my electricity is coming from my roof! I cannot praise Rix Energy Services enough. I am loving everything that they did/do and look forward to the days when the sun is shining knowing that we are doing our bit by reducing our reliance on using fossil fuels in our energy use.”
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Frequently asked questions

How many solar panels will my home need?

Typically, the more solar panels you have installed at your home, the more energy can be generated. Your solar power energy solution can depend on the size and structure of your home, your energy usage on average and the number of people living at your property.

Smaller homes may require a 1kW system, whilst higher demand properties may be better suited with a 4kW system, however more solar panels required, the more roof space needed. For more information on what is best for your home, contact our green energy experts who are happy to help.  

Do solar panels still work on cloudy days?

Solar power is generated directly from the sun's emitted radiation, rather than temperature, heat, or direct sunlight. Of course, warmer climate countries will on average generate more energy, however solar panel energy is perfectly suited for our, at times, cloudier days.

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