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Why pay for a full tank on delivery when you can balance your household budgets easily? The home heating oil payment plan from Rix Petroleum is designed to make it as easy as possible for families to manage their home heating plans and oil costs. By spreading the energy bill across the year with more manageable monthly payments, the monthly budget plan is the convenient solution available to homeowners looking to take the heat out of their monthly oil bill.

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Avoid big fuel bills
Spread the cost across the year
No Hassle with cheques or cash
Pay for each delivery on payment terms of up to 4 months
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How our heating oil monthly payment plan works:

Simply complete the online form, making sure to input all requested information.
We will then get in touch to confirm the payment date and amount.
The agreed payment will then be made each month via direct debit on the specified date.
Once you're set up and ready to order your heating oil, simply call our friendly sales team and they will process the order for you.

Terms and Conditions Apply


Rix Petroleum's monthly budget payment plan is only available to homeowners.


Your account balance cannot exceed four times your agreed monthly payment e.g. £100 a month = £400 order limit. Should you exceed your credit limit, we will contact you to either increase your monthly payment, make a lump sum against your account or reduce your volume (minimum orders 500 litres).


If the direct debit is cancelled at anytime then any outstanding balances will be due for payment in full immediately. All direct debits are covered by the direct debit guarantee.

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