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Oil Tank Testing Near Me 


Our Rix heating oil tank replacement and inspection team are available to carry out our services in Yorkshire and along the East Coast of Scotland. 


A Tank Check With Rix Petroleum 


The best way to protect your oil boiler is by servicing your heating oil storage tank regularly. It is very likely that at some point, your heating oil tank will be found to contain water. The cause of this is usually condensation, occurring naturally. Rainwater could also enter the tank if it develops a fault in the openings or seals, or develops rust or even cracks in the body. 


Water in your heating oil storage tank can be detrimental to the performance of your heating oil system and, in some cases, may lead to a complete breakdown. If water is present in your heating oil tank, it could freeze up when temperatures drop, resulting in blocked pipework which could cause severe damage or loss of heat when you need it most.


Home Heating Oil Tank Replacement And Servicing 


Not only is having your tank inspected regularly essential to control the condensation and water in your tank, but it can also help to diagnose other potential problems. A routine tank check should, therefore, be carried out in regular intervals, similar to that of a car or boiler service


During your heating oil tank replacement, we will also treat your tank with Rix Anti-Bug, an additive used to kill and inhibit microbiological growth that could cause damage to your system. We will also replace worn sight tubing or install a contents gauge, so that your tank’s fill level remains clear, preventing costly run-outs or overfills.


What Else is Included in a Tank Check?

  • Overall condition examination
  • Dip for the presence of water
  • Removal of water
  • Water absorbing tank dryer fitting
  • Rix Anti-Bug treatment
  • Replacing of sight tubing on the gauge (if fitted)
  • Fitting of electronic contents gauge (included on premium service only)


Oil Tank Replacement Near Me


If you wish to know more about our heating oil tank replacement services, please contact us by filling in the form below. Or, please contact our Yorkshire or Montrose depot, to speak to your local depot directly. 

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Why service your oil Tank with Rix?

Protect the environment
Protect your heating system
Protect your property
Remove water
Avoid costly repairs

What does a Tank Healthcheck include?

Check condition of tank
Dip for presence of water
Remove water
Fit water absorbing tank dryer
Treat with Rix Anti-bug
Replace sight tubing on gauge (if fitted)
Fit electronic contents gauge (premium service only)

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