November 16, 2016

This winter the FPS (Federation of Petroleum suppliers) and OFTEC (The Oil Firing Technical Association) are joining forces to produce a "Tank Safe" campaign aimed at educating consumers on the best ways to maintain their tanks and when is the right time to replace old, single skinned tanks.

Here at Rix, we have put together a short video that details some important safety checks that will help to conserve your tank. From clearing the area around your tank, to the best time to top up, Rix Petroleum Director, Duncan Lambert, shares his top tank tips to get you ready for winter. You can also find out information about our oil prices here!



  • Clear the area around your oil tank
  • Check how secure your oil  tank is
  • Don’t forget to service your oil boiler
  • Top up early to lower your fuel costs.

If you are thinking about topping up your Heating oil tank before the colder weather hits, you can get a free instant quote on our website today. 

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