5 Benefits of Oil Tank Monitoring

Each year the cold weather takes people by surprise, and without a heating oil gauge, some people find themselves short on domestic heating oil in the winter months. Have you ever considered how much heating oil you are using and at which level you should top-up? Let's discuss the importance of oil tank monitoring and how a heating oil gauge can help you stay warm throughout the year.

5 Benefits of Oil Tank Monitoring

  1. You won't run out of domestic heating oil

With a home oil tank gauge, you will be able to keep an eye of how much domestic heating oil is available in your oil tank. This helps to avoid running out of heating oil in the cold months and having to contact an emergency supplier. For example, a smart oil tank gauge notifies your mobile, tablet or computer when it's time to top up your heating oil tank, making the whole process of ordering heating oil more streamlined. To see how streamlined and simple the process is, take a browse of our guide on ordering heating oil from your local Rix depot.

  1. Helps to identify an unhealthy oil tank

Not only does monitoring your heating oil level help you to stay warm in the cold weather, but it can also help to detect any vital issues that your tank may have. For instance, if your oil tank level monitor shows that your oil levels have decreased rapidly, this could indicate that your oil tank has a leak or is damaged somehow. If this is the case, make sure to do an oil tank inspection to assess the best way to deal with the issue.

  1. Automated technology takes away any pressure

A heating oil tank gauge takes the pressure off you guessing how much heating oil you have left. The technology within a home oil tank gauge will notify you when your oil levels are running low and when it's time to top-up; preventing any arguments about your home being too cold! The SMART oil tank gauges are most efficient at reading your oil level, whereas alternative methods like float gauges are harder to read due to issues such as sludge build-up inside your tank.

  1. Helps you to keep track of your heating oil use and bills

A heating oil gauge is a valuable tool to outline how much domestic heating oil your household uses throughout the year. Oil tank monitoring is useful to see which months of the year you are using the most heating oil, and when your heating bills are rising.

Perhaps you've recently insulated your home to reduce your energy bill? A home oil tank gauge can help evaluate how the insulation has reduced the amount of heating oil you are using and, in turn, your heating bill.

  1. Leads to affordable heating oil

It's no surprise that ordering your heating oil in advance and in bulk is one of the most effective ways to have affordable heating oil. By regularly checking your heating oil levels, you can make cost savings by ordering fuel when demand is low. Typically, heating oil prices are lower in the summer months.

Which Heating Oil Tank Gauge Is Best?

At Rix, we offer two types of heating oil gauges to ensure you can accurately measure your domestic heating oil levels.

  1. Traditional Home Oil Tank Gauge

We offer the Apollo Visual Gage to monitor your oil tank levels easily. And, when it comes to heating oil gauges, Apollo is one of the leading market brands. This useful tool measures your heating oil level to keep you warm throughout the colder months. The on-tank transmitter can easily be attached to your oil tank, which then sends readings to a wireless receiver. You can have this wireless receiver up to 200metres from your oil tank, meaning you can easily read your heating oil levels from the comfort of your home.

  1. Smart Oil Tank Gauge

For a more advanced system, the Apollo Smart Tankpack is a smart device, meaning that in the cold winter months you don't have to go outside to check your oil tank levels. The smart LED monitor clearly displays the quantity and cost of heating oil used and informs you when it's time to top up your tank. With over 85% customer satisfaction, you won't be disappointed as this oil tank level monitor will help you keep warm throughout the year.

An Efficient Way to Stock Up Your Heating Oil Level

If you do find that your heating oil levels are low, don't worry. At Rix, we are a leading heating oil supplier meaning we can give you the most competitive heating oil price. Why not get a quick heating oil quote for your home?

There are different varieties of domestic heating oil, from kerosene to K+ to aga cooker fuel. Your oil type will depend on the property you have and the performance needed from the heating oil.

Whilst different providers vary their prices depending on the oil's quality and durability, Rix offers great, high-quality choice at competitive prices. Whether you need a lot or just a little oil, getting your domestic heating oil order in early will mean you can store it up ready for when the cold sets in.

And there you have the benefits of oil tank monitoring! If you have any questions about our heating oil tank level gauges, please don't hesitate to get in touch. For more information on our competitive prices, please take a read of our heating oil price guide.