AGA Cooker Fuel


AGAs are known for their efficiency for storing heat, due to being crafted from cast iron. Using the correct AGA fuel types for your range cooker is vital for keeping it in good condition and reducing the risk of maintenance issues. 


Range cookers using standard kerosene have been found to produce high levels of carbon residue due to the low levels of sulphur in the oil. This can be bad news for your cooker as it can clog the fuel lines and burner. Further down the line, this hinders the AGA’s effectiveness, leading to service problems. 


Our AGA fuel has active ingredients to fight these issues and keep your cooker running at maximum performance for longer. AGA cooker fuel from Rix is designed for use in oil-fired range cookers. It improves the ‘burn quality’ of domestic heating oil (kerosene) when used in range cookers and boilers and/or where vaporising burners are being utilised.


Benefits of AGA Fuel


  • Lowered Char Value
  • AGA cooker fuel improves combustion performance and maintains a clean burn.
  • Minimised Build-Up of Carbon Deposits and Soot
  • Less build-up of deposit ensures smoother operation of the cooker.
  • Inhibited Deposit Growth In Fuel Storage Tanks and Increased Fuel Shelf Life
  • The reduced build-up of residue keeps AGA fuel fresh for longer when stored correctly.
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Because of its cleaner burn, AGA cooker fuel has better combustion, leading to lower usage of fuel to reach the desired temperature.
  • Reduced Fuel Tank Corrosion and Service Problems
  • The additives in our AGA fuel reduce corrosion to the internal components, preventing maintenance issues.


For more help navigating the AGA fuel types, our team are on hand to advise. We can help you decide what AGA cooker fuel is right for you and walk you through the delivery process, from ordering to deciding on a quantity and home delivery.

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Lowers Char Value
Improves Fuel Economy
Minimises The Build-Up Of Carbon Deposits & Soot
Inhibits Deposit Growth In Fuel Storage Tanks
Reduces Fuel Tank Corrosion & Service Problems
Increased Fuel Shelf Life


Improves System Efficiency

The additives added to our Aga Cooker Fuel inhibit carbon build-up as well as tackling other issues such as sludge formation and the early expiration of fuel, which have been known to occur in systems running on standard kerosene. Our specially formulated cooker fuel will help keep an already clean system clean, and ensure that combustion is as complete as possible.

Lowers Operating Costs

A clean heating system allows for a better burn. Running at optimum levels it will use less fuel to generate heat, therefore increasing its fuel economy. In addition, the anti-corrosion qualities found in our Aga Cooker fuel will work to fight fuel tank corrosion, thus reducing the likelihood of a system breakdown, which can be very costly. If you want to lower your operating costs then make use of our Aga cooker fuel in Yorkshire.

Compatible With Standard Fuel

Our Aga Cooker Fuel is completely compatible with other blends of kerosene oil. In fact, an oil boiler will benefit from this fuel in similar ways to your range cooker. So it's no issue to share the same fuel storage tank for both your oil boiler and Aga cooker. If you are considering switching to Aga Cooker fuel, the full benefits may not be achieved until after a second fill, once the standard kerosene has been used up.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can heating oil evaporate?

In high temperatures, heating oil can evaporate through air vents. However, it is unlikely that you will lose a significant amount of heating oil through evaporation.

Will heating oil go bad?

Without proper maintenance, bacteria can grow in your heating oil. This forms a sludge that corrodes your oil tank and pipes. An unusual smell is an indicator of bacterial growth.

Regular water removal and oil filtration will help prevent your heating oil going bad. You can also use additives to reduce the risk of bacterial growth.

Kept in the proper conditions, heating oil should remain usable for around 10 years.

Where should I dispose of heating oil?

You can find your nearest oil disposal service provider via the Oil Bank Line website, or by calling 0800 66 33 66.

Alternatively, contact your local authority for guidance.

How do I maintain my heating oil system?

You should have your heating oil tank and oil boiler inspected at least once per year by an OFTEC-qualified heating engineer.

You should also regularly perform visual inspections, and general upkeep:

  • Remove debris from the external bund.
  • Close access points when out of use.
  • Clean any oil spillages made during delivery.
  • Check for oil stains on the supports or ground.
  • Check for bulging, cracks, rust or discolouration on the tank.
  • Check that all connections are secure.
  • Treat and paint steel tanks as required.

Seek professional advice from an OFTEC-qualified engineer or registered company if you notice anything of concern.

What do I do if I run out of heating oil?

If you run out of heating oil, contact your local depot as soon as possible.

At all times we will endeavour to get your oil delivered to you quickly and efficiently but please be aware that this could take a little longer when fuel demand is at its highest, such as at Christmas time.

All of our depots stock Emergency 25 litre drums of heating oil, which you can pick up by visiting your local Rix Depot. Simply contact them in advance and they will get it ready for you to collect.

How do I prevent heating oil from freezing?

The paraffin in heating oil can freeze and clog your line, potentially preventing you from heating your home. To reduce the risk of this happening, you should insulate your tank and pipes, and have your oil filter installed indoors.

You can also purchase additives that lower the freezing temperature of heating oil, or purchase pre-treated oil. Another option is to install an electric heat sheet that warms your tank when the temperature drops, although this is relatively costly.

Having your heating oil tank installed indoors is the most effective way to prevent freezing.

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