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Rix Petroleum supplies millions of litres of diesel, also known as DERV and white diesel, from our many depots throughout England and Scotland.

What is road diesel & DERV?

Also known as white diesel, DERV (Diesel Engine Road Vehicle) and ULSD, road diesels can be used to fuel diesel-compatible vehicles for all uses.

Want to know more about DERV for your operation, or unsure about when and where it can be used? Our team of product experts are ready to advise on the best solution that suits your needs.

Is white diesel the same as diesel/DERV?

White diesel and DERV diesel fuel are the same. The term is used to identify taxable diesel, as opposed to other coloured types of diesels which are untaxed or very low tax.

Rix Petroleum has several commercial diesel depots throughout the UK mainland allowing us to deliver commercial diesel fuel to a large area within the country. We can supply a minimum delivery of 500 litres of road diesel to a maximum quantity of 36,000 litres on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

What is Diesel+?

Diesel+ has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of modern diesel engines. It contains an anti-bug biocide to help address the increased occurrence of the development of microbiological particulates found as a result of increased FAME content.

Diesel+ also contains a demulsifier to help to combat the increased water content which can be found in FAME fuels, as well as a corrosion inhibitor to protect metal surfaces where water is present. Diesel Plus contains a cetane improver to help achieve a smooth power delivery. Diesel Plus also has a cleaning agent, which cleans both indirect injection and high pressure common rail systems. Speak to your account manager today to switch your fuel to Diesel Plus and enjoy peace of mind knowing your machinery will work when you need it most.

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What are the benefits of using DERV?

Maximise the efficiency of your operations by using our diesel fuels for your business or farm. All our diesel fuels are cost-effective and are ISO accredited.

Bulk deliveries up to 36k litres

Trusted suppliers

Meets BS EN 590 standards

How Rix looks after you for DERV fuel

At Rix, we assign you a dedicated account manager, who ensures you receive the best possible service through the ordering processes. Think of them as an extension of your team. It’s their goal to understand your requirements to the same standard as you do. All our account managers come from industry or engineering backgrounds, giving them the knowledge to provide you with an exceptional service.

How to order DERV from Rix

Get an quote quickly. Call your local depot to discuss your DERV requirements with a sales rep.
Set up an account. Your dedicated account manager will help you set up your account, and work alongside you to manage your fuel.
Get on with your day. Rix offers a dependable service, meaning you can get on with your work knowing you’re in good hands.

Why choose DERV Diesel from Rix?

Rix is one of the most established fuel suppliers distributors in the UK. We’re proud to be independent and family owned. We offer an unbeatable range of heating services to homes, farms and businesses throughout the country.

Fast and reliable

We value our customers, that’s why we promise to deliver your order when you want it, how you want it.

Almost 100 years of experience 

There is no other fuel and energy supplier that knows the industry quite like us. Trust us to deliver success.

Dependable service

We value an honest service, therefore we guarantee our promises will be upheld, no matter the ask.

Customer focused

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver excellent service, and quality products to our customer community.

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