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We’ve been supplying our high-quality gas oil and gas oil+ products throughout the UK for almost 100 years. Trust us to keep your business or farm fuelled up.

What is gas oil/red diesel?

Gas oil is specifically designed and permitted for off-road use, however there are two circumstances where using gas oil is acceptable for public road use:

  • Agricultural vehicles travelling for farming purposes.
  • Tractors being used to grit public roads.  

At Rix, we have Gas Oil available in two different grades, depending on your individual requirements: 1000ppm High Sulphur and 10ppm Low Sulphur. 

Want to know more about Gas Oil for your operation, or are unsure about when and where it can be used? Our team of product experts are ready to advise on the best product mix for your vehicles and machinery.

Is red diesel the same as gas oil?

Red diesel and commercial gas oil are the same thing, but specific restrictions and guidelines surround their use. For example, if using an off-road vehicle such as a tractor on the road, you would be required to use road diesel and not red diesel (commercial gas oil) due to the duty rate difference between the fuels.

Rix Petroleum can also supply road diesel from deliveries as small as 500 litres up to full tanks. With our 10 locations across the country, we’re ready to keep you moving.

What are the benefits of using gas oil?

Maximise your operations efficiency by using our highly accredited Gas Oil for your business or farm. All our Gas Oil fuels are cost-effective.

Reduced CO2 emissions

Compatible with many engines

40% reduced tax

How Rix looks after you

At Rix, we assign you a dedicated account manager, who ensures you receive the best possible service through the ordering processes. Think of them as an extension of your team. It’s their goal to understand your requirements to the same standard as you do. All our account managers come from industry or engineering backgrounds, giving them the knowledge to provide you with an exceptional service.

How to order Gas Oil from Rix

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We value an honest service, therefore we guarantee our promises will be upheld, no matter the ask.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver excellent service, and quality products to our customer community.

How to use Gas Oil safely

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