K+ Heating Oil 

K+ heating oil is a premium heating oil product from Rix Petroleum that helps keep your oil-fired boiler and fuel storage tank clean, increasing the reliability, performance, efficiency and lifespan of your heating system.            


K+ premium heating oil uses our domestic heating oil as a base fuel and is enhanced by additives that:

  • Stabilise fuel
  • Keep fuel fresh
  • Maximise boiler performance
  • Benefits of K+ Premium Heating Oil  


What are some of the reasons to invest in K+ heating oil?


It Keeps Your Boiler Healthier


Over time, carbon fouling can build up in your boiler, resulting in congested burners, pipes and filters, lowering the efficiency of your boiler. K+ heating oil reduces this deposit accumulation as it is more combustible, due to its purity. By using K+, there are fewer risks of maintenance issues and breakdowns, keeping your boiler healthy.


It is Better for The Planet


Another benefit of less build-up is your boiler burning less fuel and producing less CO2, making it more environmentally friendly and economical to run. By using premium heating oil, your boiler doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain temperature and isn’t burning impurities.


It Saves You Money


K+ ages slower than standard heating oil, so you can order less frequently and rest assured that your oil won’t spoil, provided you store it correctly. Additionally, by burning oil more efficiently and reducing the chance of boiler breakdowns, you can benefit from savings in the short and long term.


It is Easy to Switch


Switching to K+ premium heating oil is hassle-free. You don’t need to upgrade your boiler system or empty your tank of existing fuel before switching to K+.


As experts in fuel, we are here to help and advise when it comes to choosing the right fuel for your needs. If you would like to explore the differences between K+ and standard kerosene domestic heating oil in further detail, our team is here to help.

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Better For Your Boiler & Tank
Better For Your Wallet
Better For The Environment
Reduces Fuel & Sludge Related Problems


Cleaner Heating Oil is Better!

We work alongside Fuel Additive Science technologies Limited (FAST) to produce K+ Premium Heating Oil. Our combined expertise enables us to offer you a quality premium heating oil product that has many added benefits to home heating systems when compared to standard kerosene.

Optimised System Performance

K+ Premium Heating Oil is made up of a number of active ingredients that help tackle problems such as excessive carbon residue and sludge build-up in your heating oil tank and oil boiler. These naturally occurring deposits can, unfortunately, get stuck in the burner of your boiler which will affect its ability to burn properly. Using our K+ in Yorkshire is a great way to optimise performance. Our premium kerosene will help to disperse these deposits enabling your burner to burn as efficiently as possible.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Using K+ Premium Heating Oil helps to reduce the carbon emissions generated by your home heating oil system. The additives in the fuel fight to break down the sludge and other deposits into smaller more manageable particles. As a result, the fuel is passed through and burned off more efficiently. Less fuel is used to generate heat and smoke is reduced, both contributing to keeping CO2 levels at a minimum. Using K+ in Yorkshire is the perfect solution.

Help Lower Energy Bills

Making use of K+ in Yorkshire will help your oil boiler burn at its optimum level, so less fuel is used to generate the heat. With less fuel used, energy costs will inevitably be minimised. In addition, our premium kerosene will also increase the life of your system’s metal parts. Thanks to the corrosion inhibition properties of K+ Premium Heating Oil, your chances of requiring replacement parts, such as fuel tanks, fittings and fuel pumps, will significantly decrease. Not to mention the money saved on costly breakdown call out charges. There are other methods you can use to reduce your energy bills, click below link for more information.



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Frequently asked Questions

When should I buy heating oil?

Heating oil is typically cheapest during the summer months, when demand is lowest. Buying at this time also ensures you’re prepared for any cold snaps.

However, we realise not everybody can fill their tank in the summer, so our advice would be to order it as early as possible before winter arrives. Prices and overall demand will still be lower, so you will avoid long waits to get your heating oil, which can sometimes happen if it snows or it’s around Christmas.

Will heating oil prices go up or down?

This is very difficult to predict, as the price of heating oil is affected by a number of external factors, such as global demand, natural disasters and conflicts.

Fuel prices fluctuate depending on a number of factors, but heating oil is always competitively priced, and often the least expensive option — especially if your household is off the national gas grid. You can find out more by reading our heating oil price guide.


Should I lock in my heating oil price?


Locking in the price of your heating oil makes it easier to budget, and could save you money if prices rise. However, you will be worse off should the prices drop.

Does how much heating oil I order affect the price per litre?

Yes. Ordering more heating oil typically lowers the price per litre. Ordering just 500 litres at a time puts the cost up for you and for us. Use our instant heating oil quote tool to see the difference in price the more you order.

Why choose Rix Petroleum as my heating oil supplier?

Unlike many other suppliers in England, Wales and Scotland, Rix Petroleum is an independent, family-owned company with a rich heritage for developing loyal, trusted relationships with our customers. We make it our priority to provide a friendly, reliable, flexible and competitive service for all of our customers. However, don’t just take our word for it, read our customer reviews. Rix Petroleum has a number of depots located throughout the UK ensuring our staff have the local knowledge you need from your oil supplier.

How can I pay for my heating oil?

There are a variety of ways to pay for your oil. 1. Pay online with a debit or credit card (debit cards are free, however credit cards do carry a small surcharge) 2. By telephone, call your local depot team and pay by Visa, Mastercard or Switch 3. Budget scheme – Rix offer an easy payment budget scheme that allows you to spread the cost of your heating oil over the year. Please call one of our team for more details. Please note: our budget scheme is only available to homeowners.

How can I save money on heating oil?

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