Love your heating system this Valentines Day

Love your heating system this Valentine’s Day

Even boilers and tanks need some TLC from time to time and there’s no better way to show your oil-fired heating system you care than using our K+ Premium Heating Oil.

A clean heating system is an efficient heating system. K+ from Rix Petroleum has been specially designed to prevent sediment build-up in your heating system’s internal components, helping it to stay clean, live longer, and improve boiler performance by up to 10%*.

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What are the benefits?

1.Better for your tank

Sediment is naturally produced by Kerosene which can build-up in the tank over time and eventually draws into your heating system, causing blockages, smoking and other issues. The active ingredients in K+ help to disperse these deposits.

2. Better for your boiler

Excessive carbon residue and sludge build-up can get stuck in your boiler’s burner which will negatively affect its performance and potentially stop it from working. The additives in K+ Premium Heating Oil help tackle these problems and prolong the life of components, which will, in turn, reduce the risk of maintenance issues between services.

3. Better for your wallet

K+ Premium Heating Oil helps to keep your heating system clean. As a result, less fuel is needed because your boiler isn’t working as hard to generate heat, thus improving fuel economy and reducing your energy bills. Not forgetting the money saved and replacing parts or costly breakdown call out charges. Find out more about our heating oil prices.

4. Better for the environment

As a result, burning less fuel, smoke is reduced, resulting in less CO2emissions in the air and more love!

Pamper your boiler and tank with a service

Let our skilled Rix Heating Services team take good care of you and your oil-fired heating system with one of our boiler or tank services. We have a range of different services available depending on your requirements, click here for more information. Servicing is not only good for your heating system but good for your peace of mind. Made up of local, qualified, OFFTEC certified engineers, the level of support and knowledge our maintenance team can offer is unrivalled in the industry, which is why we have developed long lasting relationships with our customers.

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*K+ is a fuel additive (XO1512HO) produced by Fuel Additive Science Technologies Limited. For full details about K+ please visit our website.