How to Order Heating Oil Online with Rix

Across the UK, people in rural areas or those whose homes and businesses are not hooked up to the National Grid, often find that home heating oil is one of the cheapest and most efficient options for heating their properties. You might know that one benefit of home heating oil is that it can be delivered to your door, but do you know how to order heating oil online? At Rix, we want the process to be as easy as possible, so we’ve laid it out in a step-by-step guide for you.

Ordering Heating Oil Online

1. Get a Quote

When it comes to how to order oil for home online, simply enter the amount of oil you’d like to order into our quote tool, and our system will instantly give you our up-to-date prices.

Alternatively, if you’re unsure how to order home heating oil online and would rather do it over the phone, you can contact the friendly sales team at your local depot. They are on hand to take your order and offer some great advice using their vast local knowledge.

Simply find your local depot and give them a call. Our offices are open to call from 8:30 am-5:30pm Monday to Friday and 9:00-12:00pm on Saturdays.

Rix delivers a wide variety of retail petroleum products across the UK from our local branches, so not only can you place home heating oil orders online, but you can also order agricultural fuels and commercial fuels, including diesel, gas oil and AdBlue.

2. Choose Your Delivery

When it comes to how to order home heating oil, we have a variety of delivery options to choose from, so you can select which option suits your needs best!

  • Express Delivery – up to three working days
  • Emergency Delivery – up to two working days
  • Next Working Day – up to one working day

Next to each delivery option, you’ll be able to see how many days it will take. Also, delivery dates given on orders are weather permitting. During periods of extreme weather conditions, there will potentially be delays. Call your local depot if you have any questions regarding your order.

3. Confirm Your Order

Once you have decided which delivery date to go for, confirm it by clicking “Order Now” in our secure checkout. At this stage, you’ll be able to include any special delivery instructions too.

After you’ve filled in a few personal details, you will be asked to check that they’re all correct before you are able to order home heating oil online.

When paying online, you can pay using a debit or credit card (please be aware that credit card payments carry a small surcharge). By telephone, you can pay by Visa, Mastercard or Switch.

4. Sit Back and Relax!

You have now officially completed your home heating oil online order! Your order will go to a local depot where they will arrange your delivery. All you have to do is to wait for one of our friendly tank drivers to arrive with your delivery of heating oil.

You should receive a text message once your Rix heating oil is on its way. Remember, you don’t have to be at home to take delivery of your heating oil, as long as our driver has access to your tank. The driver will leave you a copy of your delivery receipt confirming the exact amount of oil delivered. Learn more about our delivery information on our website.

5. How Did We Do?

Around 15 days after you’ve placed your home heating oil order online, you will be sent an email kindly asking you to leave us some feedback about your order and the delivery service we provided via Feefo, the independent feedback engine. Here at Rix, we pride ourselves on the exceptional service we deliver to our wonderful customers and how easy it is to order oil for home, so we really appreciate any feedback we get.

And there you have it! Wasn’t that easy?

Buying Heating Oil in Bulk

If you decide to buy a tank for your heating oil, you will be able to buy more in bulk, save money and minimise the number of oil deliveries you receive. This is particularly useful in harsh winter conditions when oil deliveries can be more hazardous. Having stocks also means that you’ll never run out of heating oil, even if it’s particularly cold and you have the heater running almost all the time.

And there you go – now you know how to order heating oil online! Order with Rix today for a cosy home without any fuss or hassle. For more information, please check out our FAQ page or get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to help you find your ideal home heating solution.