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With 12 depots across England, Scotland and Wales Rix can be your commercial VDA accredited AdBlue® bulk suppliers, providing a local, reliable and rapid service.

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Available in 10 litres
Available in 200 litre barrels
Available in 1000 Litre IBC
Also can supply Bulk if required


Always fill AdBlue® into the AdBlue® tank. Both the pistol and the outlet are clearly marked.
Keep AdBlue® equipment clean and free from dust or dirt.
You do not need additional protective clothing to handle AdBlue although protective gloves may be a sensible precaution whilst handling both AdBlue® and diesel.
If over-heated, AdBlue containers can be chilled with water.
AdBlue® freezes at -11°C, this will not be an issue under most local conditions.
Make sure only AdBlue® to ISO 22241 standard is used, NOT other solutions…


Do NOT fill AdBlue® into the diesel tank.
Do NOT fill diesel into the AdBlue® tank.
Do not use AdBlue® when contaminated with water or other substances, especially diesel fuel.
AdBlue® can be slippery when spilt; it does not affect concrete or brickwork. If spilt wash the area immediately with water.


What's AdBlue®?


AdBlue® is a type of fluid which is fed into a diesel exhaust, made from urea and deionised water. When added to the exhaust, it causes a reaction with the nitrogen oxide gas created during combustion. The reaction causes the nitrogen to be broken down into two harmless products, nitrogen and water.


How Does AdBlue® Reduce Emissions?


AdBlue® is specifically designed for use in SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology found in diesel engines. SCR technology helps to reduce harmful emissions produced from diesel engines. This ensures the current European legislation is met, including Euro6 emission standards. Most heavy-duty tractor manufacturers have already implemented SCR technology. At Rix, our knowledge in SCR Technology is something we pride ourselves on, making us experts in commercial AdBlue®.


What Vehicles Use AdBlue®?


AdBlue® is for use within Euro 6 (road engines) and Tier 4 (off-road, e.g. tractor) diesel engines. AdBlue® can only be used within these engines, and it is essential the quality of the engine is maintained to protect your investment in your vehicles and AdBlue® installation. Whether you require AdBlue® for lorries or your company diesel car, Rix can supply it throughout England, Scotland and Wales.


ISO 22241 AdBlue®


Rix Petroleum supplies only the best quality products, and our AdBlue® supply is no different. If you are unfamiliar with the term AdBlue® ISO 22241, it's in reference to AdBlue® specifications which are required to make the product. Any AdBlue® that complies with the ISO 22241 standards indicates that it has the right quality and characteristics to be able to operate SCR converters in diesel engines. 


What Does VDA Accreditation Mean?


VDA stands for Verband der Automobilindustrie. It is the governing body that issues the AdBlue® license to manufacturers and distributors worldwide.


AdBlue licensees have to undergo quality audits by the VDA. The accreditation is important as contaminated or poorly manufactured AdBlue, can lead to expensive damage to your vehicles and equipment. As Rix has a VDA accreditation, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are in good hands.

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