Celebrity AGA fans

Along with roaring fireplaces, stable doors and thatched roofs, the AGA has become a staple of quintessentially English country kitchens. From baking fresh loaves of bread to warming our cockles, there is rarely a task, whether big or small, that the humble AGA cannot tackle. Along with us mere mortals, a host of celebrities have been bowled over by the charms of an AGA, from TV chefs to runway models. Here are just a few:

Gérard Depardieu

The French are well known for their love of gastronomy and famed actor Gérard Depardieu is certainly no exception to the rule. The Golden Globe-winning star of hit films such as Cyrano de Bergerac and Green Card has overhauled a former theatre in Paris and made it his home, with a black 4-oven AGA cooker taking centre stage.

“Cooking with an AGA is fabulous,” he says, “and allows for little mistakes. And with an AGA, it is so easy to prepare dinner for 10 and still be around for your guests.”

Mary Berry

TV chef and food writer Mary Berry is best known for her turns as a firm but fair judge of all things patisserie on the Great British Bake Off. Reminiscing about her youth in a recent interview with the Cambridge News, Berry remembers that the first thing she did in the morning was “lean up against the AGA and have a cup of tea”.  While Berry argues that AGAs are great for testing your baking mettle, she notes that whipping up a shallow bake – such as a Victoria sponge – is perfect for owners of a two-oven AGA.

Daisy Lowe

Model Daisy Lowe may only be 24, but that certainly doesn’t mean she’s too young to join the AGA set. Explaining why she’s such an AGA aficionado, Lowe says:

"My AGA Total Control is very, very lovely. It's easy to use, makes food taste delicious and all in all I'm a very happy bunny. It's great having an AGA Total Control because I can turn it on and off.”

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