Harlequin 10000 ITE/ITT Bunded Oil Tank

With its 10,000 litre capacity, the 10000 ITE/ITT is the largest tank in the Harlequin range, suitable for use on commercial and large domestic properties.

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Available in ITE (Bottom Outlet) and ITT (Top Outlet) versions, the 10000 ITE/ITT advanced bunded tank from Harlequin is rotationally moulded from premium grade, oil resistant medium density polyethylene.

Ideal for large domestic sites, as well as commercial, industrial, and agricultural installations. It’s a robust home heating oil storage solution that protects your local environment thanks to its 'tank within a tank' design, the outer layer of its dual skin construction acts as a safety barrier should the inner tank breach or outer skin split.

It comes complete with a range of additional fittings and accessories compared to the standard tank, such as an Electronic Oil Monitor and an Overfill Prevention Probe.

The Harlequin 10000 ITE/ITT Advanced Bunded Tank comes with the following features:

  • Electronic Oil Monitor
  • 32mm Gauge Fitting Point
  • Bottom Outlet Fitting Kit (ITE) or Top Outlet Fitting Kit (ITT)
  • 2" Fill Point
  • 4" Lockable Inspection Point
  • Lockable Manhole Access
  • Ecoflex Top Offtake, Outlet Connection (ITT)
  • 1" BSP Outlet Connection (ITE)
  • Vent
  • LRC Failsafe Overfill Prevention Probe
  • Anti-Theft Tank Sticker, Displaying: 'THIS TANK IS ALARMED!'


The Harlequin 10000 ITE/ITT Advanced Bunded Tank has the following specification:

Length 3265mm 
Width 2800mm
Height 3350mm
Weight 725kg
Actual Capacity 10100 litres
Nominal Capacity 9595 litres