Envirostore 5000 EVADBLU Bunded Adblue Tank

The 5000 EVADBLU tank offers customers a medium to large storage solution for their Adblue.  Due to its size and storage capacity this tank is best suited for customers who use a medium to large amount of Adblue.


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Envirostore 5000 EVADBLU is a small to medium to large sized storage tank typically suited for the bulkier Adblue user. The tank comes in a distinctive blue colour, allowing the customer to distinguish between their Adblue tank and Fuelling tanks. Enviroblu tanks are affordable yet do not compromise on quality. Made with high quality materials and constructed with bunded technology.


Price on Application


The Envirostore 5000 EVADBLU 5000 has the following specification:

Brimful 5280 litres
Nominal 5016 litres
Length 2818mm (including cabinet)
Width 2138mm
Height 2160mm
Footprint 2818mm x 2130mm