12000 Litre Vertical tank

Colour Black 
Outlet 2"
Lid 530mm
Diameter 2600mm
Height 2650mm

Why buy Enduramaxx tanks?

Enduramaxx is one of the UK leading family owned water tank manufacturers with one of the largest ranges of plastic storage tanks in the UK. Linked in Australia, USA, Canada and France, Enduramaxx has proven to be a continuing success in today’s wholesale agricultural and construction industry.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of quality polyethylene products providing liquid and water storage and spraying solutions to the rural, urban and civil markets which are reliable and exceed customer expectations and requirements.

As a result of 20 years of innovation in this industry, Enduramaxx has adapted, changed and improved its product suitability and variety in order to meet our focus point; the needs and aspirations of the customer - you!

Tested, tried, and proven - you get the best!


  • Manufactured from UV stabilized polyethylene, Enduramaxx tanks are tough and durable.
  • The 12,000ltr tanks are just that ideal size – they are the best selling size in the UK.
  • These tanks can be made suitable for potable drinking water for human consumption – please ask for details.*
  • These tanks can be made suitable for the storage of liquid fertiliser, molasses and chemicals – please ask for more details*
  • These tanks are listed on the water technology list which enables support for rainwater harvesting in the form of an ECA scheme from the government.
  • Ribbed design provides added strength and attractive appearance.
  • Enduramaxx tanks do not rust or corrode, are impact resistant and long lasting.
  • Guaranteed one-piece tank construction ensures long term structural strength.
  • Larger Bulkheads available upon request.
  • Enduramaxx tanks are rotationally moulded as a ‘one-piece’ tank. At no stage is the roof removed and screwed back on.
  • A carefully programmed manufacturing process ensures maximum wall thickness at the base - where it needs it most.

 Inlet basket filter strainer (can be purchased separately)

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