Rix invest one million pounds in new tankers
February 22, 2016

Rix Petroleum is thrilled to welcome six new Scania tankers and two new tanker units for use at its depots in Yorkshire, East Anglia and Shropshire, at a total cost of £1.1 million.

The vehicles, which are all due to be delivered in a few weeks, will be used to transport domestic heating oil and commercial fuels to rural homeowners, farmers, hauliers and other commercial business.

The new fleet includes four six-wheel tankers, one four-wheeler, one eight wheeler and two tractor units, and will replace older tankers coming to the end of their working lives as well as expand the company’s overall fleet.

Duncan Lambert, director of Rix Petroleum, said the company had seen an increase in sales across all of the areas in which it operates, making the investment a necessity for the year ahead.

“These vehicles will replace some of our tankers that are around 10 years old and as such, have served their time with us. They will also add to our existing fleet to enable us to fulfil the growing number of orders coming in.”

“The new tankers will ensure that we are able to maintain the levels of customer service we are known for, delivering the required quantity of product to our customers at exactly the time they require it. By not investing we might have compromised that, and that is not something we are prepared to risk. We have been delivering fuel for more than 80 years and know that people and businesses depend on us. Buying these vehicles means we can continue to serve their needs in the way they expect.”

All the new trucks conform to the AdBlue Euro 6 emissions standards, ensuring they are among the most environmentally friendly on the road.

Mr Lambert added that residents and motorists in East Yorkshire, East Anglia and Shropshire will soon see the new tankers on the roads, delivering fuel across the area.

“With their distinctive red, white and blue colours you really can’t miss our tankers,” he said.

If you see one of our new tanks, be sure to give the drivers a wave!

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