How to pay your way this winter: Rix Payment Plans

Heating oil prices are often uncertain. Depending on demand, those prices can become volatile. It’s our goal to help you keep your home warm for an affordable price, whatever the weather.

At Rix, we value our customers above all, we understand that the winter months can bring uncertain fuel bills. that’s why we took action to make the colder months as stress-free as possible. In this blog, we’ll uncover the benefits of a Rix Payment Plan, and how you can give your fuel ordering bill the cold shoulder and keep your home warm at the same time. With two plans available, pay in a way that suits you.

Rix Payment Plan

Exclusively available to homeowners, our Payment Plan has been designed to give you the ultimate peace of mind all year round, not just during winter. These bespoke plans allow you to spread the cost of your heating oil payment over monthly instalments. Reducing the financial impact of paying for your order straight away, which can go a long way to making the festival period stress-free, and control over your fuel bills.

Rix Pre-Payment Plan

For even more control over your fuel bills, the Rix Pre-Payment Plan allows you to pay up-front each month for your heating oil and use these funds against your next order. Unlike the Payment Plan, this plan is not exclusive to homeowners. All you need to do to place your heating oil order is call our friendly sales team, and they will process your order against the funds you have built up in your account.

So, how do they work?

Your time is precious, that’s why our streamlined application process starts with a simple form, which informs us the value of the direct debit you’d like to set up each month, and when that payment will occur. From there, we’ll get your account set up and your account balance will begin to grow once you’re first payment has been made. When you’re ready to order, simply call your local depot and they’ll process your order for you. If you’re needing to increase or decrease your direct debits, not a problem get in touch and we can sort this for you.

Choosing a Rix Payment Plan gives you ultimate control over your fuel bills. Apply today here.