July 31, 2013

We know, it's the middle of the British summer and we're talking about heating oil! But you may well thank us if you read on...

Ordering heating oil before the winter can be very beneficial for homes that rely on heating oil for warmth over the winter months. During the summer months heating oil is traditionally cheaper than when cold weather and high demand starts to kick in during the peak winter.

So although you may not be ready to fill up your tank at the moment, try to remember to stock up in early Autumn. This way, you will hopefully benefit from lower prices and shorter delivery periods.

One final point before we leave you to enjoy the summer! It's worth remembering that the larger the order, the lower the pence per litre as the cost to deliver your fuel is reduced. Over a year, this can lead to substantial cost savings if you order multiple times.

To have a look at our latest heating oil prices, simply click this link to go to the Rix heating oil quote tool.

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