February 20, 2017

The #MakeHull Movement was created by the MakeHull Pioneers, a group of Hull businesses including JR Rix & Sons and our Managing Director, Tim Rix, who came together to support making Hull the best city it can be. Together we have contributed over £50,000 to help make local projects happen.

We are looking for your ideas to #MakeHull. No matter what the idea, however big or small, if it makes Hull a better place to be then we want to make it happen.

Make Hull dancing at the Deep

Once you have an idea, create a project on Spacehive. Your project will first be verified and you will then be able to start fundraising towards your target, gaining support from your family, friends and the local community to make sure your project happen.

We will assess each project and for the best projects will pledge an amount up to £5,000 towards your fundraising goal.

Find and support projects in the local area or tap into funds on offer to create your own. Discover the #MakeHull Movement here.


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