November 05, 2014

Rix Petroleum is an authorised Q8Oils supplier and we are pleased to announce a new product  called Q8 T 2300 CVT.

Q8 T2300 CVT is a synthetic Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) suitable for use in most modern agricultural and off-highway vehicles as well as equipment featuring a Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) and requiring separate engine and component lubricants.  

Q8 T 2300 CVT is a multipurpose agricultural lubricant for use in hydraulic systems, transmissions and oil-immersed brakes and clutches. Its excellent viscosity retention provides smooth CVT operation throughout the life of the oil; and the use of the latest synthetic technology ensures excellent oil-ageing resistance to provide extended drain intervals. 

For oil-immersed brake applications, Q8 T 2300 CVT provides optimal frictional characteristics for smooth brake operation and, thanks to a reduction in wet brake noise, friction plate wear is limited while brake capacity is maintained. For transmission applications, operators can be sure that their equipment is protected against rust and potential component corrosion. In addition, as a hydraulic fluid Q8 T 2300 CVT contains effective anti-foaming agents and is compatible with conventional elastomers to avoid leakage.  

Q8 T 2300 CVT –  is available in 20 and 208 litre drums for more information please contact a Rix Lubricants specialst today by clicking here

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