April 25, 2013

Here at Rix Petroleum we have the honour of serving some of the happiest people in all of Scotland.

That’s because our Aberdeen depot, based in the on the bank of the river Dee, delivers residential heating oil to rural homeowners across a region which was recently voted the best place in the country to live.

According to the Bank of Scotland Rural Areas Quality of Life Survey, residents in Aberdeenshire benefit from higher incomes, low crime rates and good quality education. On the whole they are fitter and healthier than people living in other areas of the country and enjoy more hours of sunshine each day.

Life expectancy in the county is 78.2 years, the highest in Scotland.

Although we couldn’t possibly claim any credit for any of these statistics, we’d like to think we do our bit to bring a smile to the people of Aberdeenshire.

After all, without us being on hand to ensure people’s homes are kept warm and dry, no matter how remote or exposed they may be, through wind, rain, frost, ice and snow, then life in Aberdeenshire would be a different prospect altogether.

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