October 02, 2013

A TELFORD exercise club that caters for over 55s has won top prize in an online competition aimed at helping local community groups.

Seniors’ Gym Club, which runs sessions at Stirchley Recreation Centre, Grange Avenue, and Abraham Darby School in Madeley, triumphed in fuel firm Rix Petroleum’s We Care competition to win a £500 prize of their own choice.

The contest asked local people to vote for their favourite cause or charity by ‘liking’ them on the social media website Facebook.

The winner was the cause that attracted the most ‘likes’ across the duration of the contest, which ran for several weeks between April and July.

Gym club secretary Sue Howe said she was thrilled to win the competition and that the money would go towards organising an event at which all the club members could get together for a celebration.

Currently the club runs three one-hour sessions per week at the two venues, meaning the entire membership rarely come together at the same time.

Mrs Howe said: “I read about the competition and saw it was about supporting causes that you love so I immediately thought of the gym.

“We just entered and hoped for the best but didn’t really expect to win. I suppose some of the members or their families must have seen it on the internet and voted. I’m really pleased that they did.”

Mrs Howe added that although the gym was for over 55s, most of those who use it are considerably older, with the oldest member being 90.

The one-hour sessions are always conducted with a professional instructor present and members get together afterwards for a cup of tea and a chat.

Mrs Howe said: “The Seniors’ Gym Club is so important to our members. Not only does it help keep them fit and active it is also a social event that they enjoy. The winnings will go towards a big celebration when we can get all our members together.”

Rory Beath, director of Market Drayton-based Rix Petroleum, said he was delighted for the Seniors’ Gym Club.Rory Beath from Rix Petroleum Shropshire

He said: “The gym is doing fantastic work in the community and it precisely these types of projects our We Care competition was set up to support. I hope the prize enables them all to get together and have a really fantastic time.”

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