September 06, 2012

The cost of living for rural dwellers is rising twice as fast than for their urban counterparts, a new survey has revealed.

The study, by NFU Mutual, found that year-on-year rural inflation averaged 7.7 per cent compared with the national average of 4.3 per cent in towns and cities.

Among the causes of the hike was a 13-15 per cent increase in electrical bills, as well as increasing food prices.

The survey concluded that on average country-dwellers spend £5,992 on essential goods per year, more than £2,000 more than their fellow urbanites who averaged just £3,986.

But Duncan Lambert, director of Rix Petroleum, said there were ways in which rural households could save money, particularly on heating oil.

More efficient heating oil like our exclusive K+ fuel can really help improve the efficiency of your boiler by up to 10%.

K+ heating oil could save a household up to £100 per year off the fuel bills in a medium-sized family home.

Mr Lambert said: “This survey shows that the cost of living is a major concern for people who live in the countryside and many of those people are our customers. Heating oil is naturally one of the area's we can try to help with.

Other ways in which people can try and be more efficient is by getting their oil boiler serviced annually. This works in the same way as getting your car serviced does. A health check is performed, parts are replaced that need replacing, dirt and sludge build up are cleaned, all leading to a more energy effcient boiler.


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