April 03, 2012

With the threat of a potential Unite Tanker driver strike, people are urged to ensure that if they choose to transport and store fuel at either a business or domestic premises they do so in accordance with the Law and as safely as possible.

Rix do not encourage people to store fuel at home unless:

  • A full risk assesment is undertaken
  • Any Fuel that is stored is done so in the correct container as outlined by Law ( The Petroleum Spirit Regulations 1929 & the Petroleum Spirit Plastic container regulations 1982)
  • Under no circumstances should the fuel be stored in the home itself

In the article below the Freight Transport Association (FTA) covers the key considerations in relation to the storage of fuel (petrol and diesel) at work or domestic premises. Health and safety regulations introduced in 2002 mean that the two types of premises / circumstances are dealt with differently.

Click on the icon below to download the complete article:

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