April 03, 2012

Record Temperatures and Snow all within a week. Do you have enough Heating Oil?

Last week people were enjoying the sunshine in what has been confirmed as the third warmest March on record. The sunshine saw Scotland set a new record for the highest March temperature for not only one day but three days in a row!!

But hey, that was last week. This week has brought weather we were experiencing back in the middle of winter with Snow and Ice returning to Scotland. It has been reported that Aberdeenshire has seen as much as 6 inches of snow fall.

The cold weather looks set to stay for the short term, so make sure your heating oil tank is topped up just in case the temperatures stay so low. Can you believe that only a week ago Aboyne in Scotland reached 23.6c and on Tuesday this week the temperature isn't expected to get above -2c.

So don't delay, order your heating oil from Rix today.

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