March 12, 2012

As you may know, there are some companies out there, offering their cheaper version of so called, ‘AdBlue’ – Urea Solution (‘Quality Urea Solution’ etc……), as it’s often called. This isn’t of course the real thing, not licensed and will almost certainly over time, cause expensive vehicle problems. 

Here’s the ‘main bones’ from a recent independent laboratory sample on one such product being marketed to hauliers up in Scotland – ‘SCR Solution’ they call it………..

In particular, the lab have highlighted; 

  • Insolubles– not sure what they may be – but 50 % more than the standard states.
  • Calcium– tremendously high and you’ve seen what they say about water ‘hardness’ – see web link
  • Sodium– again this and the above – points to Tap water being used?
  • Not least the low content of Urea – at 29.6%! This may not even be automotive grade Urea being used?

In essence, it looks very likely - that it’s just a mixture of Tap Water and Urea......

Our advice is only buy offical AdBlue product. Ensure that it meets all the ISO standards and that the distributor is authorised.     

Contact Rix today to discuss your Adblue requirements.

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