February 14, 2012

Rory Clarke sees opportunities for the renewables sector!

 Rory Clarke Rix PetroleumThe expected boom in the renewables industry will offer “a huge opportunity for this part of the world” and JR Rix & Sons has its own part to play, said Rory Clarke, managing director of Rix Petroleum.

“I think it will completely transform Hull and Grimsby. It will create thousands of jobs, ultimately it will increase property values, increase incomes and I think it will be completely transformational"

Mr Clarke continued to say: “We think we have a number of skills and resources within our organisation that will be useful to businesses in the renewables sector. That includes land that we’ve got off dock, it includes opportunities for our marine refuelling business and lubricants, for the supply of fuel either land or marine, for the service and maintenance of the work boats that are doing maintenance of the pylons and we have commissioned a wind farm work boat ourselves."

A five-year long stint in the army saw Mr Clarke commissioned as an officer into the infantry spending several months stationed in Cyprus. However Yorkshire has been his home for 22 years, most of which he has spent working for JR Rix & Sons. In 1990 he started as a credit manager, later holding responsibilities for the development of biodiesel, and taking the role of managing director of Rix Petroleum seven or eight years ago. Five years ago he became a main board director.

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