February 21, 2012

Tractor Fuelmate has signed an exclusive deal to help the agricultural buying group Woldmarsh Producers Ltd get access to discounted diesel.

Fuelmate, has created a “Woldmarsh” branded fuel card that can used on forecourts throughout the UK. The fuel card has been specifically designed by Fuelmate to suit the needs of Woldmarsh members and is not available from the company as an ‘off the shelf’ product.

It is part of Yorkshire firm’s commitment to supplying bespoke fuel card solutions to businesses throughout the UK that help them realise the best deals on fuel as prices continue to rise.

Fuelmate manager Johnny Vintis said that, while the deal offers significant savings to members, this could be further increased with a larger uptake.

Mr Vintis said: “The more members who take on the fuel card the greater the savings for everyone involved”.

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