February 16, 2012

Let Rix take the hassle out of managing your Heating Oil

It seems the cold weather snap took a lot of people by surprise this year. Our customer service teams received a number of enquiries from people who had run out of heating oil due to the cold weather forcing people to keep thier heating on for longer and at higher tempreatures.

Rix Oil Alert Heating Oil Monitor DeviceNobody wants to be left out in the cold, especially when tempreatures fall as low as they recently did, that's why we offer Rix Oil Alert, an automatic tank monitoring system, that takes the hassle out of managing your heating oil.

The automatic system regularly checks heating oil levels in your storage tank, then relays the information to us via a small discreet unit in your home. The unit sends data to our
computers and when your oil needs refilling, we’ll simply come to your home and top up your tank.

No hassle, no messing, no emergency call outs, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that you’ll never run out of  heating oil again.

The Rix Oil Alert Service costs just £2 per month. That's the price of a cup of coffee!!

• Never run out of heating oil
• Tried and tested technology
• Completely automatic – never lift a finger
• Easy installation – no wires
• Discreet unit
• Won’t interfere with telephone, fax, internet access or domestic appliances 

Rix Oil Alert is available to all Rix customers who are Homeowners and on a monthly direct debit scheme.

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