October 18, 2012

Q8 Bach XAM now available in 1,000L IBC Drop Off
Q8 Bach XAM is an active type, chlorine free neat cutting oil for general purpose manufacturing applications and incorporates active EP additives for difficult applications. This product is especially recommended for heavy duty turning, threading and automatic work, milling, drilling boring, reaming and shaping.

Also  available in bulk

Q8 Bach XNK now available in 1,000L IBC Drop Off
Q8 Bach XNK is a very low viscosity neat cutting oil which is very lightly treated with an EP additive package and it also incorporates a lubricity additive package. This product is  specially recommended for honing operations using all grit sizes and types including those incorporating diamond materials.

Also available in 208L

Q8 Baroni XGPH now available in 1,000L IBC Drop Off
Q8 Baroni XGPH is a multipurpose, water mix cutting fluid designed for medium to difficult machining operations. The presence of a synthetic lubricity additive provides protection to tool parts and results in a high surface finish on a wide range of materials. Specifically designed for use in medium to high water

Also available in 20L and 208L

This is a guide only and reference should be made to the relevant Q8Oils material safety data sheet and technical data sheet before use.

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