Heating Oil FAQ

1. What is heating oil?
2. How can heating oil be used?
3. Why should I choose heating oil?
4. Which heating oil do I need?
5. Is heating oil referred to by other names?
6. How much heating oil do I need?

Heating oil tanks

7. Which oil tank do I need?
8. Where should my heating oil tank be located?
9. How long do heating oil tanks last?
10. How do I replace a rusting tank?

Buying your heating oil

11. Why choose Rix Petroleum as my heating oil supplier?
12. Is heating oil expensive?
13. How can I pay for my heating oil?
14. How can I save money on heating oil?
15. When should I buy heating oil?
16. Will heating oil prices go up or down?
17. Should I lock in my heating oil price?
18. Does how much heating oil I order affect the price per litre?


19. How can I protect my heating oil from theft?
20. Do I need insurance?


21. How do I maintain my heating oil system?
22. What do I do if I run out of heating oil?
23. How do I prevent heating oil from freezing?
24. Can heating oil evaporate?
25. Will heating oil go bad?
26. Where should I dispose of heating oil?


27. Can heating oil explode?
28. How can I identify a heating oil leak?
29. What should I do if I suspect an oil leak?