SUPERHEAT35 - Great value alternative to Ultra Low Sulphur Gas Oil

Superheat35 available from Rix Petroleum is a great value alternative fuel to Ultra low sulphur gas oil (ULSGO) and it is available from Rix Petroleum.

Superheat35 can be used for heating applications such as:

Dryers | Boilers | Heaters | Roadside coating plants | Plus many more

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A cost effective alternative to ULSGO.

  • Savings of 8-10% over conventional ULSGO
  • Ideal for heating applications such as boilers, dryers and heaters
  • More power for your money without compromising equipment performance
  • Less abrasive than Kerosene Longer shelf life than Bioproducts

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Why use Superheat35 for your business?

The British Standard for Industrial Fuel Oils, BS2869:2010, contains two grades of gas oil: Class A2 or 10ppm sulphur gas oil, this is a now a legal requirement for off-road, mobile plant, and Class D. The second is 1000ppm sulphur gas oil, which can only be used in stationary diesel generators and heating applications.

The standard form of gas oil at most refineries is now 10ppm sulphur or Ultra Low Sulphur Gas oil, which can be used for both off-road, mobile plant and for stationary plant. 

Ultra low sulphur gas oil in most cases can contain an element of bio-diesel which can attract water, making the product more susceptible to degradation in storage and plant, causing failure due to water build up or blocked filters.

Superheat35 MUST NOT be used as a road fuel or as a fuel for any other engine, motor or machinery. Superheat35 meets BS2869:2010 Class D for heating applications.


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