Gas Oil Plus

GasOil Plus from Rix Petroleum is specially  designed  to meet all the requirements of a modern off-road diesel engine.

GasOil Plus has a higher Cetane number compared to regular Gas Oil, this helps achieve a smoother power delivery, lowers black smoke and NOx emissions whilst also reducing the noise from the engine.

In addition, GasOil Plus looks after fuel injectors by keeping them clean.  It also contains a demulsifier to help separate any water present from fuel and a  corrosion inhibitor to protect metal surfaces where water is present.

Key benefits of GasOil Plus:

· Cleans both indirect injection & high-pressure common rail systems

· Maintains engine power over vehicle lifespan

· Reduces emissions

· Increases fuel lubricity - Helps protect against injector & pump wear

· Keeps engine working to optimum efficiency

· Helps protect against diesel bug


Click here to download the datasheet.