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Are you currently using gas oil to run your oil-fired heating application? Then, it's time to switch to Superheat35, a specialist industrial heating oil designed for industrial boilers, heaters and dryers that could save you £2,500 per year*.


*Based on annual usage of 50,000 litres at a 5 pence per litre saving.

What is Industrial Heating Oil? 

Commercial Superheat35 is a cheaper alternative to ultra-low sulphur gas oil that provides the same performance and offers a range of benefits; with the main advantage being that it doesn't contain bio-diesel. 

Here are some examples of the most common uses and sectors using industrial heating oil: 

  • Industrial boilers and furnaces 
  • Incinerators for waste 
  • Apartment or large residential blocks 
  • Educational facilities such as schools, colleges and universities 
  • Places of worship 
  • Heating system for swimming pools
  • Town halls and other council buildings

Can You Use Red Diesel Instead of Heating Oil?

Industrial heating oil can't be used in any machinery with a diesel engine, as Superheat35 is designed specifically for large scale industrial and commercial furnaces, boilers and heating systems. You can use red diesel as a substitute for industrial heating oil. However, Superheat35 has zero bio content, meaning there is no risk of spoiling and it will last much longer. Considering industrial heating oil benefits from being a fully rebated product, it means you don't have to compromise on the initial price either!  


If you want to find out more about industrial heating oil and if it is suitable for your company, then please don't hesitate to contact us. We have expert account managers who are on hand to answer any questions you have and ready to help you set-up your account. At Rix, we have over 80 years of experience supplying industrial heating oil to businesses all over the country and are happy to share our knowledge and services with you.

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Cheaper Than Gas Oil
Ideal For Heating Applications
No Compromising Equipment Or Performance
Longer Shelf Life Than Bio Products

Why You Should Switch to Superheat35...

Longer Shelf Life
Thanks to its zero bio content Superheat35 will last all year round without the risk of spoiling, unlike standard gas oil.

Switch Without Incident
Commercial Superheat35 in Yorkshire can be added to your existing fuel tank with no need to empty it beforehand.

No Performance Issues
It has the same calorific value, density and viscosity parameters as Gas Oil, so there's no comprimising on quality or performance.
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