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Commercial Lubricants

Buying commercial lubricants from Rix Petroleum is the easiest and safest way to maintain and protect your machinery. We are a licensed commercial lubricant supplier of Q8 Oils, Total and Exol, giving you access to some of the best quality commercial lubricants there is.


Rix is more than just a commercial lubricant supplier, think of our team as an extension of your business. We will remove the burden of trying to find the right lubricant or heavy equipment grease that is compatible with your machinery and equipment.


Why are Commercial Lubricants Important?


If your machinery is operating using poor quality fuels, then it can cause operating problems and reduce the life of any piece of equipment. In order to minimise the impact the combustion process has on ageing the engine, lubrication needs to be present in the oil. This will mean the oil, and therefore the equipment will be able to last for longer.


Choosing the Right Lubricant


Choosing the correct lubricant can lead to an increase in equipment efficiency and even an extension on vehicle life. Our experienced account managers are always on hand to provide expert advice and technical support when you need it most, giving you as much information about our commercial lubricants and heavy duty grease as you want. They are also able to discuss and advise you on all things related to commercial fuel and our services in this department, should you wish to add anything else to your delivery.


Overall, we want to save you time and energy that would otherwise be spent scouring the internet looking for the answers on commercial lubricants. We're happy to do the hard work for you so that you can focus on your business. To contact us for more information on our commercial lubricants, please fill in the form below. 

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Get the right lubricant
With just a quick phone call our experts will quickly grasp your requirements and recommend the right lubricant/s for your machinery. We can then deliver your product in a variety of quantities to suit, from small packs to bulk orders. With our extensive knowledge into commercial lubricants in Yorkshire, we can always help.
Safeguard your equipment's warranty
Modern vehicles and equipment are complex machines, and manufacturers are becoming more strict with their lubrication requirements. Using the wrong lubricants can damage your machinery and potentially invalidate your warranty. Our experts will ensure this doesn’t happen by providing the right product to do the job, protecting your investment.
Protect your equipment with quality lubricants
As licensed suppliers of Q8 Oils, Total, and Exol, we supply some of the leading lubricant products available on the market. It’s important to use the right lubricant, but it’s equally important to use a quality product. Doing so will help your equipment run more efficiently and reliably for longer, saving you time, money and manpower.


Authorised Lubricants Supplier

Rix Petroleum is a certified distributor of Q8Oils, TOTAL Lubricants and Exol.

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