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We have been supplying businesses with commercial kerosene for more than 80 years. We are experts in the commercial heating oil industry, which is why our commercial kerosene supply service has such a high-standing reputation with local companies.  

What is Commercial Kerosene?


Kerosene is a type of commercial heating oil used by numerous businesses throughout the country in order to produce heat, light and power.


The term '28 second oil' is often used in reference to commercial kerosene's consistency, determined by a test of how many seconds it takes for 50ml of the commercial heating oil to drip into a container.

However, commercial kerosene has many different names including; lamp oil, boiler fuel, kero and many more.


What are the Benefits of Using Commercial Kerosene?


As there are various products to choose from in order to provide heating, lighting and power to your business, you may be wondering why you should pick kerosene. Well, here are just a few of the advantages of choosing commercial kerosene over alternatives:


1. Affordable

As a commercial heating oil, it's cost-effective in terms of both production and pricing. Commercial kerosene is one of the most economical ways to provide heat to your workplace.


2. Safer

It has low carbon monoxide emissions, meaning a clean burn and very low risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, making it one of the safest fuels to use.


3. Better for the environment

Compared to coal and wood, it creates a lot fewer fumes in its paraffin state. Poisonous gases can still be emitted; however, so it's essential it is stored and handled correctly and safely.


4. More efficient

Overall, commercial kerosene produces more heat per unit volume than other fuels. Also, it lasts longer as its non-corrosive, just as long as it is stored correctly under the right conditions. 


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