Top 3 devices that generate energy through movement

While we have become accustomed to plugging in and flicking switches to power the appliances and gadgets we use every day, we may be failing to tap in to the most innovative energy-generating resource....ourselves.

Here are just some of the devices that turn play into power:

The "socketball”

On the final day of his three-country tour of Africa, US President Barack Obama demonstrated his sporting prowess by having a kickabout with the energy-generating "socketball".

The brainchild of two Harvard students, the "socketball" looks to all intents and purposes just like an ordinary football, with one very significant difference. As the ball is moved, it converts this kinetic energy into stored electrical energy. And apparently it only takes 30 minutes of fancy footwork to generate enough energy for hours of light.


We all know that a spot of brisk walking is perfect for giving us an energy boost and burning a few calories at the same time. But who could have imagined that a power walk could create, well...power? The SolePower is a removable insert that slots into our shoes and charges a connected battery, which can be worn around the ankle, as users walk.

In testing you would need to walk about two and a half miles using the SolePower to charge up an iPhone.

Empower rocking chair

With its sleek black finish and clean lines, the Empower is unlikely to be a rocking chair your grandmother would own. Again the Empower harnesses kinetic energy as users rock back and forth, and allows you to tap into that energy via standard outlets and USB ports. So, whether you want to have a natter on the phone with friends or fire off a few text messages, all you need to do is become the ultimate rocker.

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