The essential summer holiday items that are made from oil

Whether you’re flying abroad or stay-cationing in the UK this summer, you might be surprised to learn some of your everyday holiday essentials are produced using different types of oil. Rix petroleum is an expert heating oil company, supplying homes and businesses throughout the UK with heating oil.

Cold drinks by the pool

Cans and bottles that are kept in a chiller rely on refrigerant gases including refined propane and butane to keep them cool. If you opt for a cold beer, it requires brewing yeast which is usually cultured on large agar plates and covered in refined mineral oil to prevent over-fermentation.

Children’s colouring crayons

Perfect for keeping the children occupied, crayons are usually made from base oil.

Ice cream

Even in the UK, an ice cream treat is loved by adults and kids alike. But did you know that the freezer it’s usually kept in uses the same LPG refrigerant gases as the chiller? Another fact that you might not know, certain types of the soft serve ice cream is in part, a result of the odourless and colourless petroleum gelatine that it contains.

Sun Tan lotion

If you’re heading to warmer climates, or you‘re lucky and the sun comes out here in the UK, you’ll be reaching for the sun tan lotion, with some brands containing up to 15% refined crude oil.

Plastic buckets, spades and inflatables

Essential for keeping the kids entertained at the beach, these items are made from a plastic that contains about 20% mineral oil.

Waterproof jackets

Holidaying in the UK can be a gamble with the weather, so packing a waterproof jacket is recommended. Refined oil is essential when it comes to waterproofing those waterproofs.

Camping Tents

They use bitumen lining which is layered on the inside and outside of modern tents.

Activity equipment

For those of you that enjoy a more active holiday, fishing rods, golf clubs (and balls), mountain bikes, windsurfers and water skis are all made in greater or lesser parts from carbon fibre, which comes from petroleum pitch – a dark, bituminous product that comes out of the distillation process at the bottom end of the “barrel”.

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