Signs of Spring

We have hopefully now seen the back of winter for another year, although the winter chill may still be apparent it’s less so and the nights are getting lighter, all signs that spring is on its way.

It may be time to start thinking about spring cleaning your home but it’s also important to check your oil tank after the winter months. Carrying out regular maintenance of your oil tank could help you go some way to avoiding costly repair bills, and ensure that your tank is working at its optimum level at all times.  

When you are next out in the garden do a few external checks to make sure your oil tank is in good condition.

Check for any external oil leaks around the seams of your tank, valves and pipes to prevent a costly and dangerous oil spill.

To prevent blockages ensure that the area around your tank is clear of plants, and that access points, vents and gauges are sealed and closed to prevent any debris, rainwater or insects clogging the system.

Whether you rent or hire your heating oil tank it is important to know your way around your system in order to ensure that you are able to monitor and maintain it correctly. For more information on looking after you oil boiler have a look on our website

With all that work done why not wrap up warm and head outside. Listen to the birds’ song and take some time to notice the new season presenting itself.