Rural crime how to protect your heating oil

In the past few weeks, we have seen the cost of Heating Oil rise slightly, but luckily it still remains considerably lower than 2 years ago. Many of our customers have taken this opportunity to fill up their tanks and order larger quantities while the price is so low. But even with the lower than average price of Heating Oil, there are still opportunist thieves out there and if you become a victim of rural crime it can be devastating.

It has been estimated that the cost of rural crime in the UK amounts to £37.8 million, with Oil and Diesel being listed as the 3rd most commonly stolen item, closely following ATV’s/Quad bikes and tools.

Some people believe that thieves only target commercial properties with large, industrial fuel tanks, but this isn’t the case. Thieves commonly target unsuspecting domestic homes, usually because these tanks are not as secure and can be easily reached without being seen.

We have previously written about how you can keep your tank safe, and with these shocking figures, we thought we would share it again here.

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Figures taken from NFU Mutual website.