Rix Petroleum’s Christmas blog

What's your favourite part of Christmas?
Christmas is just around the corner and we hope that your festive preparations are going well. As you can imagine, Christmas is the hot topic of conversation with the Rix team, so we thought it would be fun to take a look at some festive facts and family traditions. Rix is a leading provider of heating oil for both domestic and commercial purposes. Discover our prices!


Love them or hate them these little miniature cabbages will soon be on many of our shopping lists over the next few weeks.

Originally thought to have come from Iran and Afghanistan, they became so popular in the Belgium capital, that in the 16th century they were named after it.

If you’re not a fan, be warned, there are more than 110 different varieties of sprouts, but on a positive note, an 80g serving contains four times more vitamin C than an orange.

This has to be our favourite sprout fact of the year….in August, Stuart Kettell used his toe to roll a Brussel Sprout to the top of Mt Snowdon to raise money for Macmillan.

If you’re trying to avoid these little green vegetables on your Christmas dinner this year, you could always try frying them with fresh chestnuts and bacon. Go on, you know you want to.

Festive Christmas facts.

It may take you 2, 3 or even 4 hours to prepare Christmas dinner this year, but spare a thought for how long it took the ingredients to get to your kitchen. According to Morrison’s it can take up to 295 days to sow and grow your vegetables. Then about 30 minutes to be polished off on Christmas day.

Whenever we talk about the wise men that visited baby Jesus we automatically think there was 3, when in fact, the bible never stated how many, they only referred to “wise men”.

We’re sure you’re familiar with the sweet mince pies we have during the festive period, but did you know that in Victorian times, these were made out of savoury minced beef and spices?

Do you know how many gifts were given to the true love in the “12 days of Christmas” song? 364, weren’t they lucky.

Christmas Traditions

Traditions tend to get passed down through families, Christmas movies, family get together's or even driving around to look at the brightly decorated houses. We look forward to these little customs and in some ways, they make Christmas. Just in case you’re thinking of adding more magical traditions, we have listed a few suggestions.

Decorate a box with Christmas wrap and add a movie, snacks and a pair of festive PJ’s to open on Christmas eve.

Bake gingerbread biscuits in different shapes and make a hole in the top so they can be hung on the tree. Your home will smell delicious all Christmas.

Choose 24 books (can be Christmas related) and individually wrap them. Starting on the 1st December, read a book each night until Christmas Eve.

Whatever your plans over the festive period, the Rix team would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.