Rix Invest In Tankers

Spalding fuel company invests in new tanker as demand grows across the region. Leading fuel company Rix Petroleum Ltd has expanded its Spalding-based tanker fleet to meeting a growing demand for fuel across the region. The company, based at Welland Business Park in Clay Lake, has invested a six-figure sum in the new truck which will be used to deliver heating oil and commercial diesel to home owners and farmers in South Lincolnshire, North Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. It is the second new tanker Rix has invested in since setting up its Spalding depot just six months ago and brings the total fleet to three.

The company has also taken on a new driver, who was made redundant when another local transport depot closed down earlier this year. Robin Exley, manager of the depot, said Rix had purchased the new truck in anticipation of the cold winter weather, which always drives demand.

“We were very busy throughout the harvest,” he said.

“We managed to deliver all our orders but realised with winter on the way we would need more capacity. That’s why we have decided to invest in the truck, because demand is showing no sign of slowing down and winter is traditionally the time when we are busiest. We want to ensure we have the capacity to deliver every litre ordered as quickly as we possibly can.”

The new truck is a six-wheel Scania with a laden weight of 26 tonnes and a capacity of 20,000 litres. The move comes after the company invested thousands of pounds in snow tyres and chains ahead of the winter months to ensure it can battle the worst of the weather. Mr Exley added he was pleased to be able to offer employment to someone who had lost his job during the recession.

He said: “A Peterborough-based depot closed down earlier this year, making a number of drivers redundant, which is a great shame for them and their families. We have been able to give two of them jobs which is very satisfying, and if the business keeps growing as it has done over the last few months, who knows what we might be able to do in the future.”

Rix’s Spalding depot opened up in May and serves communities within a 30 miles radius of the town. It is part of Rix Petroleum – a fifth generation family company that is headquartered in Hull.