NFU reports the cost of thefts from rural homes is down

If you live in a rural location, we have some good news for you…

NFU Mutual (The National Farmers Union Insurance Society) have recently released their 2015 crime report and the overall cost of thefts from rural homes has decreased to £6.2m in 2015, down from £7.1m the previous year.

More good news that came from this report, was that Heating Oil and diesel theft is no longer featured in the 2015 top five targeted items, in 2014 it was third on the list.

These are the top five most commonly targeted items nationally during 2015:

1, ATV/Quad Bikes

2, Machinery

3, Farm and Commercial tools

4, Garden equipment

5, Livestock

Although the cost of thefts from rural homes have decreased, it’s still an alarming cost and preventing any further rise can be achieved by being vigilant and making sure your security measures are up to date and effective.

With the price of Heating Oil being considerably lower than 2014, many of our customers are taking the opportunity to top up their tanks, so making sure their tanks are secure is big issue. We have previously published a guide for protecting your Heating Oil tanks from opportunist thieves; you can read the blog here.