New fuel tankers for Rix

Warwickshire fuel company invests in new tankers as business grows.

Leading fuel company Rix Petroleum (Midlands) Ltd has expanded its Coleshill tanker fleet to meet growing demand for heating oil &  fuel across Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

The company, based on Station Road in the town, has invested a six-figure sum to buy two new tankers which will deliver heating oil, gas oil and commercial diesel to home owners, farmers, commercial businesses and transport companies across the region.

The move comes just weeks after Rix Petroleum spent thousands of pounds gearing up its fleet for winter by investing in snow tyres and chains along with new steel rims should the weather turn bad.

It brings the total number of tankers employed at the depot to eight, up from just two when the Midlands operation was set up less than three years ago.

Paul Doherty, General Manager of the Coleshill depot, said Rix purchased the new tankers due to an increase in business across all markets

Along with the new trucks the company employed two new drivers in the last month to ensure it is fully staffed for the winter months.

Mr Doherty said: “Demand has been rapidly increasing since we set up in March 2009 and as a result we have grown the business at an overwhelming rate since then.

“We are always busy around harvest time as demand from the agricultural sector is very high and then of course, coming into the winter months we are extremely busy with homeowner’s and businesses ordering heating oil.

“We have also seen huge growth in the haulage sector with fuel requirements for coach and fleet operators, so investing in the new tankers really is a necessity for us. They will ensure we can continue meeting the rising demand for fuel across the region.”

The new trucks are six and eight-wheel Scanias with a capacity of up to 25,000 litres and a laden weight of 32 tonnes.

The Coleshill depot has taken delivery of one of the tankers, which is now in service, and is awaiting delivery of the second.

Mr Doherty added the snow tyres and chains were a precaution against the weather, which last year saw record levels of snow fall across the UK.

“The tyres and chains can be made available for all eight tankers,” he said.

“It is our way of being prepared. So far the weather hasn’t been anything like last winter but we need to be equipped for all eventualities

“We want to be in the position to meet our excellent service levels, regardless of demand or weather conditions; the extra capacity the new tankers give us, along with the tyres and chains, will allow us to do just that.”