My first week as a Rix Petroleum intern

Not many first/second year University students can say they already have experience working within a marketing team…

So upon learning that I’d won a 3 week internship at Rix Petroleum, I knew I’d been handed a unique opportunity.

It all began when Rix Petroleum and Hull University Business School announced a partnership.

As a first year business student, I worked with a group of four others in a marketing challenge to outline a promotional strategy for Rix. Delighted to be shortlisted, we presented our proposals along with another 4 groups to the Director of Rix Petroleum, Duncan Lambert, and Marketing Manager, James Brook, who selected our group as the winners.

I, along with another team member, went forward for interviews and we were both grateful to be offered summer internships.

From then on, it was just a waiting game for the internship to start. With each day counted on the calendar, the nerves built up, and by the morning of Monday 4thAugust it was time to venture over to Rix head offices.

Immediately, I was greeted with a smile and made to feel welcome. I was taken on a tour of the building by James Brook, who introduced me to everyone, before visiting other nearby businesses owned by Rix, including the Hull Depot.

From the very first minute I found myself learning more about the products and services offered by Rix, and even learned more about the history of the business and how it has evolved over the years.

Over the course of the week, I shadowed in the sales and credit claims departments, determining the typical roles within each and learning about the process of taking a customer order, filling up the tanker, and then delivering their order to them.

I learned how a variety of marketing techniques are utilised within Rix, from traditional advertising in newspapers, magazines and the yellow pages, to digital techniques including the use of a website, emails and social media.

It was interesting to discover the importance of these marketing techniques, the different ways in which they can be applied, and how the response to such activity can impact future decisions.

My head is literally brimming with everything I’ve learned during my first week at Rix. I have enjoyed gaining valuable, hands-on experience working within a marketing team and have already had the opportunity to apply my newfound skills.

So far, this week has clarified my ambition to pursue a career within marketing in the future. I appreciate the responsibility entrusted to me and I have learned a lot about the day-to-day running of Rix – an experience unlike anything I have ever had before.

Looking forward to the remaining weeks of my internship, I am eager to learn more.

I feel privileged and grateful to Rix for giving me this opportunity that I am certain will help me through my remaining years of University, and beyond that, increase my employability, experience and knowledge for the future.