How to protect your heating oil tank against theft

With reports of a spate of domestic heating oil thefts across the country, it is important to ensure that your heating oil supplies are properly protected.

Here are just some of the measures you can take to guard against domestic heating oil theft:

Tank positioning

If you place your tank in a remote location that is located some distance from your property, then a would-be thief may feel it is easier to strike where prying eyes can’t see. As a result, placing your heating oil tank close to your property and within full view of one or more of your windows may act as a deterrent.


Locks are one of the key ways we secure our homes, and this can also be extended to heating oil tanks. Investing in a good quality, shackle padlock will mean that the efforts of thieves are thwarted before they can even begin. This is because the metal hoop (shackle) on this type of padlock is hardly exposed, making it difficult for thieves to grip with bolt cutters.


Installing security lighting in the area around your heating oil tank is also another great way of making thieves think twice before tapping into your heating oil supplies. An illuminated area means homeowners are more likely to be alerted to any suspicious activity.

Strategic planting

Another way to disguise your heating oil tank from plain view, especially if it is sited in a remote location, is to put some tall planting around it. A prickly hedge or two could act as a simple and effective deterrent. However, as your heating oil delivery driver will need to have access to the tank you may want to opt for putting a trellis or fence around your heating oil tank.

Remote oil level gauges

Remote oil level gauges can be located in the kitchen or utility area, and will set off an alarm when the oil levels in your heating oil tank are below a quarter full or if there is a sudden drop in your heating oil. As a result this can be used for the general monitoring of your heating oil levels.